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Bradley wiped his glasses for he couldn't believe what he was seeing! Susan had unfastened his pants and had planted her mouth on his genitals! Well, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he sure as hell believed in what he was FEELING! She soon began to lick his balls and this his now erect rood from it's base all the way to the pre-cum dripping crown! Then she takes his tool completely into her mouth and sucks with such a sultry, sensual vengeance he though his head might cave into his neck!

She's getting fucked. How did she almost forget? Well the pleasure of this fucking was so intense that, for a moment, she blacked out and her mind was transported to a world of blue skies and rainbows! When she came back to herself she realized that the amazing feeling assaulting her was the dick sawing in and out of her cream-dripping pussy! She lays back and moans with bliss, unable to imagine life without this kind of pleasure! Her entire body trembled with lust and joy and she knew that her eyes were rolling around in her head while she fought the feeling that she might black out again!

They escape to a bedroom, both shaking and sweating with anticipation. John carefully strips Marianne of her clothes, but she practically rips his clothing away. Soon they're both naked before one another--he with his erection standing proud and erect, and she with her dripping pussy. When they climb onto the bed and give themselves to one another, a fuck-fest ensues that has so much intensity they feared the walls would cave in on them. They fuck each other in every conceivable position, and BOTH cry out in pleasure when they reached their simultaneous climax!

Karla thought Sheila was beautiful. This space-faring babe was the epitome of hot, and she knew it. Karla shows her just how much she admires her by sucking upon her tits. She even takes the little nubs between her teeth and nibble on them a bit. This action causes Sheila to cry out a bit from the joyous shock, and these cries only prompt Karla to keep at it. Eventually her lovemaking moved lower on Sheila's body and Karla lightly licked and the beautiful babe's sweet, sensitive and hairless snatch!

It's a beautiful gang-bang where gorgeous girls give and take from one another in an orgy of pleasurable sharing! They suck each other's tits like babes gleaning nourishment from their mothers. They lick each other's snatches as if these most intimate parts were made completely out of candy! The sultry sucking and sensual licking creates an atmosphere of peace and calm that permeates the area from miles around! The smell of hormones and clean sweat fills the air, while the earth beneath them becomes drenched in a cascade of love juice!
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