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It's a terrific trio of beautiful boys with nothing on their mind but fucking and sucking. Chad, Brad and Kevin go all out for fun, and when they get together, fun is always the result! With a dick up one as and another dick down a throat, it's all they can do not to cum all at once and collapse in a sticky tangle of arms and legs. They're like brothers to the outside world. But in their private world they're the best fuckbuddies a guy could have!

Chad wants Brad's ass and Kevin wants to suck them both! What's a gang to do? They give into temptation and TAKE what they want from each other! No one intrudes upon the fun of another, and all works out better than anyone might imagine. They create a mini orgy of fucking and sucking that seemed to have no end, but one by one these sexy young studs shoot their loads and collapse upon the other with exhaustion!

Cowboy Kerry, Jake and Mason are ready for action, and they get right down to the business of fucking right there in the hayloft. With a lust that was unsurpassed, the cowboy and his two tenderfoot friends fuck each other's brains out with a fury that seemed to teeter on the edge of being animalistic. Cowboy Kerry's dick is down Mason's throat, and Jake has his tongue of Mason's ass!

The trio liked to fuck for fun individually, but when they run out of things to do, they decide to take each other on again. Their three-way fucking adventures are always over the top and out of control. When these types of fantastic fuck fests are over, all three can be found sprawled on the floor or ground, panting and sweating and coated in a layer of cum. Then they rest for a little while and get ready to fuck each other all over again!

No one knows how the three got together. They aren't sure themselves. It seems that one day, two were in the midst of fucking each other when they were mysteriously joined by a third. None of them could recall who the original two who were fucking had been : or which of them had been the third to join this impromptu fuck-fest! All they knew was that when the three of them were together there was a kind of magic they hadn't felt anywhere else. So they decided to stick together for a while, fucking and sucking each other all the while!
Overall Rating: 79/100
Content Quality 8/10 Updates Frequency 8/10
Content Amount 8/10 Purchase Value 8/10
Content Exclusivity 8/10 Navigation 8/10
Site Design 8/10 Extras 8/10
Reviewer Bias 8/10 Users Rating 7/10

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