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While out dancing, this chick stepped up and started grinding on me. I ended up taking this chick into the girls bathroom and fucking her against the stall wall. She gave me head and iit felt great. We returned to the bar and drank most the evening. I took her back to my place in hopes of getting another bomb ass blowjob. This chick can suck better when she's had a few drinks. I blew my load all over her pretty face. High quality hardcore blowjob and cocksucking videos.

After getting head from this girl that lives down the street, I shot a huge load all over her face. She loved it. I wanted to do this every time she sucked me off, so I started calling her almost every single day. She loves to suck dick so she never, well almost never lets me down. She had me video tape it so I could masturbate when she wasn't around. I can't stop playing the part where I blast my cum on her face. I keep rewinding it and playing it in slow motion, over and over again, hehe. These chicks today really know how to suck cock.

Wow. I smothered this poor chicks face with my dripping load. She then lapped it up like some sort of mechanical cum eating machine. She then looks at me and asked for more. well honey... I will give you more, just put the cock back in your mouth. So I cover her pretty face twice in one day. Sweet. At least that is what she said. Watch as she gets her face sprayed on video.

I was fucking my girlfriend last night when she said something in my ear. It sounded like "let me suck on your cock" so I stuck it in her mouth. She was acting surprised and that got me excited. I exploded all over her face. I got it in her nose her eyes and even her hair. When I was finished she licked her lips and said "now can I take off my socks?". That made me laugh, so I asked her to suck it again. She did. Slutty girlfriends want it in the face, just ask them.

I often think about how good my wife sucks cock while I am at the office. I usually rub one out in the bathroom, but today I thought I would wait until I got home. When I showed up at the house my wife greeted me at the door with a sweet ass blowjob. I almost couldn't hold it back but I did. I let her suck me off for what seemed like forever. Then it hit her... the BIGGEST load of cum I have ever seen shot out of my cock all over her face and up her nose. It was so hot I just kept cumming on her. I couldn't stop, it was THAT good. Horny women love to give head... and you can see it all here.
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