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Violet showers in the decontamination chamber, anxious for her rendezvous with Kenji, who is waiting patiently in the lounge for her arrival. When they meet, she first shows her lover the parts of her body he's been longing to kiss, lick, suck and caress for ages before they finally get down to the business of sating the lust that has been burning within them from the moment they parted seventeen days earlier! And their lovemaking was a fuck-fest for the ages, with both moaning in bless and vibrating with pleasure!

Starla is confronted by centurions and at first attempts to talk her way out of having to deal with them in a sexual manner. When this fails she resigns herself to giving these armed guards the best fucking of their lives. She takes a dick down her throat and another in the pussy and saws back forth, sucking the tool between her lips and stimulating the rod penetrating her warm, wet depths. In the end the centurions are left breathless and mind-blown, totally amazed that such a virginal girl packed such power in her mouth and pussy!

Lauren has never encountered aliens such as these! She was spending the day sitting quietly in leisurely contemplation when a horde of emerald green penis creatures appears. Slithering out of nowhere and already leaking precum, they attack the helpless girl and plunder her mercilessly! They ferociously invade her ass and her pussy, pleasuring her while at the same time filling her with terror. Then they enter her mouth and she has no choice but to suck these adversaries into limp submission!

The monstrous mauler called Loboid was intent on savagely fucking helpless Susan and that's exactly what he does. Plunging his humongous penis into her sopping wet snatch, the creature fucks her with a brutal viciousness that would have killed a weaker woman! With animalistic grunts emanating from both the girl and the creature, the sounds of their sadistic lovemaking seemed as if it could be heard from light-years away! It is a horrific fuck session that, surprisingly, produced as much pleasure as agony for young Susan!

Poindexter never thought he had what it took to fuck ANY babe, let alone a hot savage from a far-off galaxy! But with his genetically altered penis he was able to bend Sanja over and attack her from the back with a tool that was hard as steel and vibrating with energy! He ferociously plunges his powerhouse penis in and out of the alien girl's super-sensitive snatch, grunting and panting with pleasure all the while. And Sanja cries out in unbelievable ecstasy for no human or alien has ever fucked her so hard and so well!
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