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He's a cowboy : a man's man. Well that old saying doesn't mean a thing when a studly stranger propositions him at a time when he's hot and horny and lonely! Within minutes of the proposition, this randy buckaroo is naked and on his stomach. With a "Yee-haw!" and a slap of leather he finds himself getting fucked like a cow by a steer! No one had ever ridden his range before, so the experience had some pain in it : but there was certainly a lot more pleasure! Once the cow-poking was done, the spent, exhausted cowboy begs the big-dicked studly stranger to screw him again!

He's never had his dick sucked like this! Women had pleasured his fuckpole before with their mouths, but never like this! As the stud's tongue danced around his shaft and tease every sensitive area and never ending it could reach, he realized the old saying was completely true; no one knows how to please a man better than another man! It was a revelation for him, and when his finally shot his load, the stud sucked down every drop, the sight of which caused his penis to grow hard all over again!

He spread his legs in anticipation of plopping down on the erect cock beneath him. He was afraid of both the pain and the shame of his act, but he was willing to endure both in order to glean the pleasure he knew he deserved! He sits down on the stud's cock and agony rips through his body like thunder. But this agonizing thunder is soon followed by a storm of pleasure, the likes of which he'd never experienced! Ecstasy encompassed his entire being as the stud fucks him into cool calm oblivion!

Spanish boys are much caliente'! And no one knew this better than Ryan. He strips Paulo down and immediately plunges his cock into the Hispanic hunk's virginal anus. Paulo pleads for mercy, for the pain is at first great, but eventually the Latino lad begins to moan from pleasure, surprised that such a violent-looking sex act could feel so good! When Ryan cums into him, the Hispanic Hunk nearly faints! But he manages to stay conscious long enough to have his awesome ass plundered a second time!

They're beach bums with hot buns. Chad doesn't want to do anything but surf and fuck Brad. Brad just wants to fuck and could care less about surfing! When the two come together on the sultry sand, Chad pleasures Brad with a power-packed poking into the blond's man-pussy that makes him howl! He fucks his friend with a brutality that would have looked like blood murder to a stranger! It looked painful, but to Brad it was the most indescribable pleasure ever experienced on this earth or any other!
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