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Violet unfastens Kenji's pants to take a look at what he has to offer her. Seeing the young man's rock-hard manhood standing proud and erect, she immediately licks it with her wild probing tongue, slathering it with her warm wet saliva and causing Kenji's head to spin with pleasure! When she takes it into her mouth and begins to suck, her entire body vibrates with bliss and sensations of carnal electricity race through her, causing her pussy to pulsate and drip cream! When he finally plunders her depths, she's taken out of this world by a mind-blowing orgasm!

Mark and Maya give each other a kiss, but not just ANY kind of a kiss. Their kiss involves a clever dance of the tongues. They exchange bodily fluids in an exotic and erotic way that make them both tingle all over with a white-hop passion that neither could resist. The air around them is filled with the tang of electrified hormones and anyone within their immediate vicinity can feel the heat coming off these two lovers. By the time they break their kiss their both breathless and more anxious than ever to show their love for one another in even more physical ways!

The centurion chains her up--transforming, perhaps, the most "free" woman in the world into his helpless bondage slave. Starla can do nothing but succumb to the demands of the armored authority figure who wants nothing more than to jam his cock down his throat, before flipping her over and plunging it into her pussy! He eventually does just that, but instead of being overwhelmed with the terror of having her body invaded, Starla succumbs to the pleasure of feeling a steel hard rod penetrating her most intimate places.

It isn't your average day at the library. Not one you go in to check out a book and end up having your breasts tweaked fondled and sucked on. She didn't know who this man was who caught her eye, but she was instantly under his spell as he beaconed to her. The moment he wrapped his arms around her she knew that she would allow him to do whatever he wanted with her. And what he wanted to do was to feel her up. Reaching beneath her braw he kneads and toys with her hardening nipples in such a loving, sensual way that she nearly passes out!

Poindexter is sleeping peacefully, and Rio watches him with a longing that makes her pussy drip with cream. Unable to stand the temptation any longer, she fingers her hungry snatch, watching Poindexter snooze away uncaringly all the while! Eventually she makes him care by unfastening his pants and, after giving it a good, sultry licking to get it nice and hard, takes his penis into her mouth. She suckles upon the bespectacled youth's manhood for a good long while before Poindexter even woke up and discovered he was in the throes of the most pleasurable experience of his young life!
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