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She wonders If her mouth might be stretched out of shape as she takes the sizeable black dick down her throat. She's a junky for sex, and just couldn't pass up the chance to suck upon an ebony fuckpole! And this was the greatest fuckpole of all in her estimation-hard and hot and wild! When it left her mouth and entered her pussy she cried out, for the pain of the entry was a shock. When she got over the pain she cried because of the pleasure!

He wanted the babe so badly he walked around with a boner for hours before she finally dropped by his place. When they got down to the business of making love to each other she was like a stalking black panther--revealing that she was just as much of a sex junky as he was! She ripped off his clothes and attacked his dick like a madwoman. She licked, sucked and slurped it, then guided into her snatch herself! He was like a plaything along for HER ride!

She opened her mouth and took his dick into it as if it were a gourmet meal! He sucked and licked around his pecker in hopes that she could make it as hard as possible before he plunged it into aching, anxious snatch. When his fuck tool was finally hard enough to cut diamonds she took it out her mouth and allowed him to ram it into her cream-coated pussy with all his might. She screamed as he invaded her, and screamed some more when he began to rotate his dick in circles. It was a fuck to remember!

Being a sex junky meant that you had to have it. Sometimes it didn't matter who you got it from as long as you got it! But Tomoko Chia-Hui always wanted the best and she got it. She wouldn't settle for less, so that often meant some lonely cock-hungry nights. But now that she had it she intended to use this black man to give her a fucking so great people will still be talking about years after they've both departed this mortal coil! And that's just the type of fucking the accomplished that night when his rod of black steel practically turned her Asian pussy inside-out!

Akiko almost resorted to tricking for dick! That's how hungry she was to feel a black man's hot, hard dick penetrating the depths of her aching power-packed Asian pussy! When her boyfriend arrived, she was so overjoyed to see him that she all but tackled him. He, being a sex junky himself, knew what she wanted. So he immediately ripped off his clothes and took her, body and soul. They fucked the whole night through and when the fucking was over, lay in a sticky jumble of limbs, cum and sweat!
Overall Rating: 79/100
Content Quality 8/10 Updates Frequency 8/10
Content Amount 8/10 Purchase Value 8/10
Content Exclusivity 8/10 Navigation 8/10
Site Design 8/10 Extras 8/10
Reviewer Bias 8/10 Users Rating 7/10

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