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They face off against each other with lust, not love in their eyes. Just staring at one another produces a heat of passion that causes beads of sweat to trickle in between their ample breasts! And when they finally undress each other, they're already moaning with the pleasure of the act and anticipation of the pleasure to come! They tenderly and exhaustively lick each other's snatches and lap away at the cream they're joyous union is producing. When they've both licked away every drop it is an effort for both not faint from the bliss of their wild session of "sharing"!

They almost instantly surround her, their fiendish faces lit only by the illumination of the moon. These pirates intend to gang-bang her like no helpless maiden has ever been gang-banged. That's why she forms a plan and selects only on of them to have his way with her. She had no idea why they accepted this term, but they did. And the one pirate who manages to undress himself and expose his hot hungry cock, clearly isn't a novice. He expertly plunges his penis into her depths and manages to give her so much blissful pleasure she actually forgot that she was supposed to be terrified!

Everyone loves candy. But he loves the kind of candy only a woman can offer. The candy that decorates her chest and lays nestled between her thighs. The hot pink gumdrop nipples on this maiden's breasts practically makes him drool, for her hasn't had candy for quite some time! He flicks at them with his tongue, tasting their sweetness and making her moan. When he suckles them its all either he or she can do not to collapse from the sheer ecstasy jolting around and through them in intensely pleasurable waves!

The pirates finally all have her way with her. In a train of at least seven men, they take turns filling every orifice on her body with hot, hard rods of steel! All the pirates surround her after she sucks and jerks them into hardness. She screams from as much pleasure as pain as these hard-faced men take advantage of her in every way imaginable. When the time came for them to release their jizz, she finds herself begging for it : pleading with the men to drown her in their milky white cum! And they do just that, shooting ropes of semen on her so intense she sputters and chokes in an attempt it swallow it all down!

He wants her, and he intends to have her. His people have encountered the pale-skins on more than a few occasions ever since these unusual-looking being first appeared on their shores. But mostly those encounters involved a pale-skin taking advantage of one of his peoples' women. Now a pale-skin female is cowering helpless before him. And he intends to have his way with her for a good long time. It is his intention to jam his cock down her throat and fuck her face until she passes out from a lack of oxygen. Then, once she awakens, he will plunge his manhood deep into her pussy and fuck her until cum leaks from her ears!
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