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It was a tumble in the jungle she'd never forget. Tork was a brutal barbarian, but they were the best when it came to fucking. She wanted to show her appreciation for the pleasure he'd given her via fucking, so she took his tool into her mouth and showed Tork that she could be as barbaric with her mouth as he could be with his cock!

She'd never been so disrespected. He fucked her in public for the amusement of his friends! At first she was mortified, but then she began to warm up to the idea. Wasn't long at all before his dick was in her mouth and she was sucking his steel-hard shaft for all it was worth : and with everyone still watching!

She knelt before his dick like it was some pegan god, but she took it into her mouth like it was the sweetest candy! She sucked : she licked : she SLURPED all around his tool for what seemed like hours! She knew she'd never see him again, so she was determined to do something for him that would ensure he'd never forget her!

How he loved to fuck! She liked to BE fucked too, but not as much as she loved to suck. There was something about taking a hard man's tool into her mouth and just orally working it until it explodes with semen. She never felt as satisfied or accomplished as when she used her tongue to make a cock release it's load!

Her mouth worked over his cock so expertly and adroitly he actually felt as if he might pass out from pleasure more than once! He mouth moved all over his throbbing tool and treated it to the most meticulous ministrations he'd ever encountered. When he finally came, the ropes of cum the blasted every which-way seemed endless!
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