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He's a hunk, he's hot and he's horny! That being the case, he can't understand why he can't control his erection! He saw one stud on his way into the train station and his cock immediately grew hard as steel and refused to go limp! Now he stands in public, with a boner the size of the Eifel tower and an aches in his crotch that can only be satisfied by plunging his humungous pulsating prick into the gaping anus of a stud! He'd never had trouble finding men to sleep with before, but he currently worried about blacking out from the pain of his rock-hard erection before he could do even that!

Spike snatches Rupert up and strips him naked. Then, without fanfare or ceremony, he rams his steel-hard shaft into Rupert's virginal anus and fucks the younger man with so much intensity he thought he might break the youth in two! Rupert's eyes roll in his head as conflicting sensations assaulted his senses and threatened to overwhelm them. Sensations that included the greatest agony mixed in with the most intense pleasure! He's never felt like this before, and with the way Spike was fucking him, he wondered if he'd survive to feel this way again!

Rupert, after recovering from the fucking of his life, takes his turn at fucking the shit out of Spike! With a strength of will he didn't know he had, Rupert spat on his cock to lube it up, then shoved his shaft into Spike's ass. He fucks the older man with a furious ferocity that both studs were more than a little bit surprised by! Spike tries to resist the urge to cry out as pleasure and agony jolt through him like electricity, but it doesn't take long at all before he's grunting and then BEGGING Rupert to do him harder and harder!

It's an untoward orgy of disreputable dudes with nothing on their mind besides fucking each other senseless. They're grunting and humping and packing all their strength into plunging their pricks into the nearest asshole! Cries of pain and howls of pleasure fill the air as well as the stench of manly sweat mixed in with the fragrance of cum! They fucked each other like warriors about to charge into battle for the last time! And once they're spent it doesn't take much at all to get their dicks hard once more so that they can begin all over again!

Arthur battle Li and got his ass handed to him! But things got infinitely more interesting after the battle. Li carries the unconscious Li inside and then waits for the youth to regain his senses. Once Arthur awakes, Li strips him naked, lubes up the young man's ass and prepares to fuck him right back into the unconsciousness he'd just emerged from! There isn't much Arthur can do to stop him, and it isn't long at all before Li's dick is buried to the hilt in his ass and is sawing back and forth with so much friction he thought he could smell smoke!
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